We clean and preserve Wedding Gowns, Christening Gowns & other fabrics - The Safe and Natural Way.


Memories are irreplaceable. So are some of the things we cherish; perhaps your baby’s Christening Gown, your wedding gown, maybe a beautiful coat from your Grandmother …. Cleaning and storing these delicate items properly is essential to preserving them in the best condition possible.

Wedding Gowns

For many women, a wedding gown is the most important clothing purchase of their lifetime. It is an investment that should be preserved with the best cleaning and storing methods available. No one wants to take chances with something as precious as a wedding gown. These are our expert tips on how to care for your gown so that it stays in perfect condition for years to come.

Christening Gowns

Your child’s Baptism or Christening Gown will be a cherished keepsake. We offer the finest in professional cleaning & preserving using our GreenEarth cleaning methods. Your heirloom will be preserved & put in a beautiful box which will protect it over the years.


Check garment care labels or any instructions that came with your gown and follow the instructions for best results. Most will recommend dry cleaning or professional wet-cleaning. Unlike traditional dry cleaning, which uses perchloroethylene, GreenEarth solvent will not damage the intricate beadwork, sequins, lace and embroidery commonly found on wedding gowns, and won't dissolve glue that attaches embellishments to gowns. It won't shrink your gown or leave it with a funky odor. Cleaning with GreenEarth is like giving your gown a mineral bath—it will come out softer and brighter, with all special trims and details intact.

Always have your gown cleaned before putting it in storage. Check your gown for any visible stains, including graying of the hem where it touched the ground, and point them out to your dry cleaner. Stains from seemingly clear substances like body oils, perspiration, white wine and sugary substances may not appear for some time. Once these have a chance to oxidize, they may show up as light brown or yellow splotches that are difficult to remove. Have your gown cleaned soon after your wedding to prevent these kinds of surprises.