A Healthier Way to Dry Clean - Green Dry Cleaning!

People now want to find healthier alternatives to use in their everyday lives, from the type of shampoo they use, the quality of skin care, natural and organic food they eat and even the way they take care of their clothes.  From the over $200 million in sales that 7th Generation has made, it’s become clear that people want to be offered healthy and ‘green’ choices for products they use.  This is also the same for the Dry Cleaning industry.  It used to be that all dry cleaners were alike, using the same chemicals that not only were damaging to the soil but to the air and water too! 

There’s good news! GreenEarth brand has developed a dry cleaning method that is not like the traditional kind of dry cleaning.  It’s actually safe for the water, safe for the air and the soil!  But not many Dry Cleaners offer this kind of healthier cleaning, and if you find one who does, you’d be smart to take advantage of their cleaning!

Magic Cleaners is one of those Dry Cleaners that use GreenEarth cleaning products! They are located in Redding, CA but with their many pickup locations across the North state, you’ll be able to use their dry cleaning services and get the best in dry cleaning care. 

The GreenEarth cleaning process uses liquid silicone instead of harsh petrochemicals that are known to be toxic to our planet.  When this type of silicone is released into the environment, it will safely break down into the 3 natural elements that it’s made from!  These are sand (Si02) and a very small amount of water and carbon dioxide. The testing and research has been done, with the result that GreenEarth’s solution IS safe for the planet, for dry cleaning and for people!

By using GreenEarth cleaning methods, Magic Cleaners cleans your clothes so they look bright and colorful.  They will even feel better against your skin. GreenEarth is non-allergenic so if you have sensitive skin and have been affected by regular dry cleaning methods, you’ll thoroughly enjoy wearing clothes that have been dry cleaned by Magic Cleaners!