Damaged Clothing from Smoke or Water? Magic Cleaners Can Help!

If you had a fire in your home, you probably have noticed the smoke smell keeps lingering no matter what you’ve done.  Not only can smoke smell remain in wood floors and cabinets, but your furniture drapes, bedding, towels, pillows, rugs and clothing will keep smelling like smoke until you have them deodorized and cleaned.  This is something that you’ll want a professional to do!  Otherwise you could be wasting your time and money on trying to restore the smoke damaged items. 

The best thing to do is to immediately call Magic Cleaners.  They are able to professionally access the situation and determine what can be salvaged, restored or what needs to be replaced.  In addition they work with insurance companies for this type of emergency.   Magic Cleaners has been trained in the process of Fire Restoration and on-site response through CRDN (Certified Restoration Dry Cleaners Network).  You’ll be able to get estimates for thoroughly cleaning and deodorizing your home, textiles, furniture and other damaged goods. 

If you have experienced water damage in your home and now have mold or mildew ruining your clothing, rugs, bedding, draperies or any other fabric furniture or household item, you can still get items salvaged with the cleaning process that Magic Cleaners is trained to use.  CRDN representatives have had more success in salvaging textiles than any other organization or company in the world!  They will do a thorough inventory of the damaged articles and sort & bag them and keep track of your valuables with a state of the art precision computerized system.  When a CRDN response team comes to your home, their goal is to salvage your textiles (and your memories!) so you can get back to living life. 

Your call to Magic Cleaners is the first step in fire or water restoration after a disaster has ‘hit home’.  “Understanding that a family’s health and safety come first, we bring the comfort of knowing that everything else can be replaced—or restored”.