Did your Kitten Stain your New Area Rug?

Cat odors and stains are a common occurrence, even with the best of training and care.  Your cat may have just not ‘made it’ to the litter box or perhaps you have a new kitten and now the beautiful new area rug is stained!  Most people would think there is no hope for the rug and for getting out the smell and stain.   And that may be the case; depending on just how long it’s been stained and what treatment you’ve already tried to apply to the fabric.  A lot of people would ‘google’ what options there are for removing a cat urine smell or for getting rid of cat urine stain.  But there are so many choices and not all of them are good ones!  Why take the chance? 

Magic Cleaners knows what the best solution is for each situation.  They’ve had years of experience in dealing with fabrics, rugs, pillows (you name it!) that have been stained by cats, dogs, and other animals.  Getting the smell out is a big part of why you need to take your rug, bedspread or article of clothing to professional dry cleaners that has the experience in removing odors.  Don’t spend hours researching on-line all the different people’s advice.  Your belongings are worth getting professionally cleaned!  

Magic Cleaners has been successful in getting rid of pet stains and making the item look like new again!   Their good reputation is well known in the north state.  If you live outside of Redding, you can still use their services.   They have locations in Redding, Burney and Yreka with pick-ups & delivery in Chester, Mt. Shasta, McCloud & Fall River Mills!